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The core responsibility of the Springfield Ballet Company Board of Directors is to adhere in every way to the Company mission: “The Springfield Ballet Company provides dance education and performances to enrich our community through the beauty, energy and diversity of dance.”

Our greatest asset to that end is the Company staff, our employees who educate and inspire Company dancers and Trainees, plan and conduct performances of the highest professional quality and reach out to community constituencies such as school children and senior citizens and enrich their lives. Our staff members also keep the business side of our organization functioning smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

As Board members, our role has been to assemble that staff and instill it with a spirit of teamwork and to encourage the creation of a mission-oriented program of activities. More directly, the Board is responsible for developing resources to support Company activities and for meeting our fiduciary obligations to the community to wisely expend and fully account for Company resources. In these and other ways, the Board ensures the current and future viability of our treasured community asset.

Springfield Ballet Company Board of Directors

Kim Leistner Root, President
Rachel Hall, Vice President
Charlotte Kane, Treasurer
Whitney Hubbard, Secretary
Emily Johnson, Finance Chair
Brooke Thomas, Fundraising Chair
Nicole Nunn, Past President
Grace Nanavati, Director Emeritus

Sarah L. Beuning
Pattie Curry
Kristy Gilmore
Jennifer Gronewold
Courtney Hall
Sami McElwee
Nalo Thomas Mitchell
Ann Opferman
Greg Riddle
Elizabeth Ross