Now, more than ever, the Springfield Ballet Company needs your financial support.

Like other athletes, our dancers require not just a desire to excel, not just endurance and heart, and not just excellent training and inspiration -- they need a very specialized type of support.

SHOES -- lots and lots of shoes!

The delicate pointe shoes that make our dancers seem to float across the stage actually provide a rigid support, which prevents injury while they are dancing en pointe. Each pair of pointe shoes is made by hand; and after a few rehearsals, they become unusable and must be replaced. 

At a cost of $75 to $125 per pair, Company dancers and their families collectively spent more than 

$30,000 on shoes last season alone. Help us ease the financial burden our dancers endure.

SBC dancers are eager to get back to classes, rehearsals, performances and our community outreach programs. Your dedicated donation to the SBC’s Pointe Shoe Fund ensures we are able to provide our Company dancers with the tools they need for our upcoming season. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Because, no matter the distance... we dance.