Keep us in the right position!

Keep us in the right position and help the Springfield Ballet Company provide some very special shoes to some very special . . .

Company Dancers ~
Our 30 Company dancers dedicate an average of 20 hours per week training to perform for audiences and provide dance education and performances to community groups. The delicate pointe shoes our dancers wear provide a rigid support that prevents injury. Each pair is made by hand and after only a few rehearsals, the shoes become unusable and must be replaced. Through the course of a season of three or more productions, each dancer can expect to wear through a minimum of six pairs of pointe shoes at a cost of $60 to $75 a pair. SBC would like to provide each dancer the pointe shoes necessary for our productions. Please help us continue this tradition.

Boys & Girls ~
In the fall of 2013, the SBC will again offer its Ballet Outreach Program. This program was established 10 years ago to provide dance education to young people from areas that are often underexposed to the fine arts. The Ballet Outreach Program is offered in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, and teaches basic ballet to students ages six to 18. In addition to six months of weekly classes conducted by SBC volunteer ballet instructors, the Company provides ballet shoes, tights, leotards, bags and a t-shirt -- all at no cost to each student dancer. At the end of each season, parents and friends are invited to attend a free ballet recital performed by the Boys & Girls Clubs Ballet Outreach Program dancers at The Legacy Theatre.

Your contribution will help the SBC provide its Company dancers and the Boys & Girls Clubs dance students with the shoes they need for our upcoming season…


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