Act One


Clara                                        Aislyn Grant

Fritz                                           Rhett Patterson

Frau Silberhaus                       Aasne Daniels

Judge Silberhaus                    John O’Connor

Grandmother                           Elizabeth Cheney

Grandfather                             George Ray

Herr Drosselmeyer                 Joshua Ratz

Maid                                         Amy Arai, Courtney Wick

Parents                                    Ronda Brinkman, Elizabeth Cheney, Randy Dunham, Carolyn Fleischli, Taryn Grant, Kevin Kulavic, Ann Opferman, Gil Opferman, Carrie Pennell, Greg Riddle, Craig Williams II

Children                                  Jax Berle, Rylee Brinkman, Cate Conlon, Caroline Dahlquist, Luke Davis, Jane Hart, Andrew Kotner, Jonathan Long, Joshua Phillips, Claire Sagins, Gracyn Wylie, Kaden Wareham

French Dolls                             Andrew Maynerich, Madison Reiterman

Matroyshka Dolls                    Audrey Frost, Lydia Lupton, Hannah Steiner

Soldier Doll                               Chris Collins

Ballerina Doll                            Laura Sonnek


Mouse King                              Matt Ratz

Mice                                           Arianna Antonacci, Elly Carter, Sierra Dove, Meghan Good, Bella Griffiths, Hailey Hanlon, Nadia Mitchell, Makayla Morris, Bella Rose Noreuil, Megana Paidela, Annelysse Warren, Gianna Williams

Baby Mice                                Jaycee Bates, Lillie Brown, Sarah Ducaji, Ella Hammond, Faith Miller, Charlotte Ratz, Alaina Verduin

Nutcracker                                Jacob Frazier

Drummer                                   Joshua Phillips

Color Guard                               Macrae Daak

Soldiers                                  Addysyn Hale, Safina Hale, Elliana Harris, Anna Liberman, Charlotte McCurdy, Emily Rife, Macie Rolf, Jordyn Thompson, Rachel Wakelin, Madeleine Elise Wallman, Emma Wolters, Euphoria Yang

Cavalry                                    Makinlee Ford, Catalina Lithila, Logan Nieto, Mason Nieto, Jaxon Nesvacil, Jesse Smith, Noah Stice, Cash Wilkin


Snow Queen                             Amanda Little

Snow King                                 Wyatt Pendleton

Snowflakes                               Cate Conlon, Molly Davis, Lillian Drea, Emma Faulkner, Catherine Gardner, Lola Gehrke, Elise Greene, Hailey Haschemeyer, Avery Kearby, Addison Lopian, Audrey Lupton, Mia Marcy, Ava Parkinson, Ella Parkinson, Ella Paul, Lauren Pumphrey, Linda Rainford, Laura Sonnek, Kristine Sonnek, Lizzy Streb

Act Two 


Pixies                                       Rylee Brinkman, Audrey Frost, Catherine Gardner, Elliana Harris, Jane Hart, Audrey Lupton, Lydia Lupton, Mia Marcy, Ava Parkinson, Ella Parkinson, Marina Peterson, Madison Reiterman, Claire Sagins, Hannah Steiner, Norah Wilson

Angels                                     Kayla Alexander, Jenna Bales, Lilyan Block, Makenna Budde, Addison Bulpitt, Leah Bulpitt, Autumn Cattor, Chloe Clemons, Addison Cottingham, Jaylee Crafton, Jane Elise Feekes, Mallory Fox, Emma Gibson, Juliet Hannah, Charlotte Jackson, Addelyn James, Gianna Johnson, Maddy Johnston, Carsen Kahl, Morgan Kindred, Aubrey Lewis, Abigail Lueking, Jolean McMillen, Mari Maddox, Liliana Marchioro, Hope Miller, Ashlynn Murphy, August Paris, Aspen Rudin, Izzy Stewart, Cayleigh Sturgeon, Lucy Wagner

Clara                                           Aislyn Grant

The Nutcracker                         Jacob Frazier

Spanish Chocolate                   Amanda Little

Arabian Coffee                         Linda Rainford, Wyatt Pendleton Emma Faulkner, Kristine Sonnek

Chinese Tea                              Caroline Dahlquist, Addison Lopian, Lauren Pumphrey

Mirlitons                                    Laura Sonnek, Lillian Drea, Lola Gehrke, Hailey Haschemeyer, Ella Paul

Russian Trepak                       Cate Conlon, Luke Davis, Andrew Kotner, Kaden Shillings, Kaden Wareham

Mother Ginger                          Greg Riddle

Bon Bons                                  Mary Donathan, Emily Haschemeyer, Lily Hickox, Arabella Johnson, Rylin Killen, Adison Paris   


Dew Drop                                 Lizzy Streb

Flowers                                    Molly Davis, Lillian Drea, Emma Faulkner, Lola Gehrke, Elise Greene, Hailey Haschemeyer, Avery Kearby, Amanda Little, Ella Paul, Linda Rainford, Kristine Sonnek, Laura Sonnek


Sugar Plum Fairy                    Megan Kamler

Cavalier                                    Chris Collins

Forms, deadlines, schedule and additional information will always be posted HERE!

Please check this page each week prior to your scheduled rehearsal to ensure you are up-to-date on any changes, adjustments or additions to our schedule!

In lieu of a mandatory parent-dancer orientation meeting, all forms and due dates will be posted on this page. If you are unable to access these forms, or if you have questions not addressed on this page, please contact us directly by calling 217-544-1967.

Dancers will not be allowed to attend rehearsal until all of their forms and fees are turned in. Failure to turn in forms and/or attend rehearsals may result in loss of role.

There is a strict policy regarding absences from The Nutcracker rehearsal. The Artistic Director must excuse all absences; excessive absences will result in dismissal from the performance.

Leave Request Form - (All requests must be submitted in writing two weeks prior to the anticipated absence. Only ONE excused absence is allowed for this production. TECH WEEK is mandatory.)

Rehearsals will be held on the weekends. Each non-Company cast member will spend approximately one hour in rehearsal on Saturdays OR Sundays at the Hoogland Center for the Arts. Tech week rehearsals are MANDATORY and are scheduled for December 11 to 13 (Wednesday to Friday).

Performances will be held at Sangamon Auditorium at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 14, and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

There is a $35 costume maintenance fee for all non-Company cast members. This fee is applicable to Trainees as well.

Trainees: You do NOT need to submit a new Waiver of Claim and Release of Liability Form or Consent and Treatment of a Minor Form. We have your forms on file.


Please reference this schedule for ALL extra cast rehearsals for The Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker is approaching, and performance preparations will soon be getting into full swing. There are a number of volunteer opportunities in the weeks preceding the show as well as during Tech Week.

All requests must be submitted in writing two weeks prior to the anticipated absence. Only ONE excused absence is allowed for this production. TECH WEEK is mandatory.

Due on each cast member's FIRST scheduled rehearsal.

Due on each cast member's FIRST scheduled rehearsal.